Blueprinting a KT100 (or any other engine)

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Please note: This will be a long "work in progress".
Photos and specific details will be added to every procedure.

What is blueprinting?

Is blueprinting necessary?

Advantages of blueprinting.

Assumptions made before proceeding with items below.

Crankshaft assembly

Crankcase assembly


Test assemble for measuring


Cylinder head

Final assembly


Some/many of these items could be done in different order.

More could be done that I have not mentioned (i.e. bore carb venturi to max, bore intake manifold to max, shorten intake tract length to minimum, etc. etc.). This is only a brief list of the items that quickly come to mind.

Many of the "settings" should/could be personal preference (or the preference of your engine builder): port heights, combustion chamber shape, cc's, carb hole sizes and carb settings, etc.