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  Ultra-precision case blueprinting

Why blueprint the cases of your engine? Because this is racing! Why not do everything possible to get the maximum performance and reliability out of your engines?

Muller Machine has more experience blueprinting kart engine cases than any company or engine builder in the world.

I have been blueprinting/remachining cases for 34 years, and have machined thousands of cases... every one of them to greater accuracy than the factory can do.

It pays to specialize... and that's the reason many of the best engine builders in the U.S. (and even some overseas) use Muller Machine to obtain the maximum performance and reliability from their engines.

This service is offered on:

Yamaha KT-100 -- Honda CR-80/CR-125 -- 80cc Comer -- 50cc Comer -- HPV/KPV -- as well as; PRD and Leopard TAG, TKM, DAP, PCR, Komet, Parilla, and vintage engines such as BM-130, K-77, B-Bomb, and many others. (virtually any reed, rotary, piston valve or TAG engine used on a kart)

Latest News and Tips

Note: I had another run of the special M8 thread repair inserts made, and now have a large supply in stock. If you've never used these before, they are superior to any other type of thread repair insert for our uses in karting. I initially made these for repairing the cylinder head studs on KT100 cylinders, but they are commonly used for the bottom mounting holes, exhaust header threaded holes, and even uses outside of karting. These are a very high quality CNC-made part - single point thread cut on both the external and internal thread to give the perfect fit to the aluminum it threads into, as well as the stud or bolt it will hold. Complete instructions for installing these are in the How To section over on the left side of this page, or you can jump to it by clicking here. Sold in packages of 10.

Note: I have been working with a prominent engine builder on a new (completely legal) blueprinting process for the C-50 Comer engine case. Initial results are very positive! This service will be available to all my customers in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Note: As of 12/20/2009, bearing bore repair on TAG engine cases is legal. I now repair/blueprint all TAG cases (e.g. Leopard, PRD, etc.). Good news for anyone that might have a TAG engine that has spun one or both main bearings, especially with the weakness of the dollar compared to the Euro! A new set of cases is EXPENSIVE! Get those cases repaired to better than factory accuracy for a fraction of the cost of new cases.

Many Comer K80s in the latest factory production run have loose bearing bores that are also significantly out of round.

The #1 reason that a main bearing will "spin" in a case is restarting an engine without adequate cool-down. Why? Heat from the clutch and exhaust "soak" the engine and cause the cases to get hotter than when running on the track. Let the the engine cool a bit before restarting to avoid this problem.

Main bearing interference can increase dramatically on a cold morning at the track, which can cause main bearing damage when first starting. I always recommend pre-warming the case of an engine before first starting. "Warm to the touch" is adequate.