1st Gen CRX Battery Relocation

In preparation for the DOHC engine swap, I wanted to move my CRX's battery to the back of the car. It would free up some much needed space in the engine bay. Having a friend who works at Monster Cable made this project a lot easier. I used 4 gauge wire for the battery cables. The Monster Cable was extremely easy to work with. It was thick, but still flexible and the copper strands were soft, easy to bend, and easy on the fingers.

After putting the battery in the truck and running the 12v cable to the engine bay, I put a copper lug on the end of the cable to connect it to the starter. I ran the cable through the grommet for the A/C motor's drain hose. I removed the A/C system and this hole was the perfect size. I got the connector for the end of the 12v wire at Napa Auto Parts and it fit perfect. The second wire pictured is the 8 gauge 12v wire to the fuse panel. This wire used to go from the fuse panel to battery, but now it goes from the fuse panel to the starter since that is where the 12v source enters the engine bay.

The ground wire is solid red (hey, it was free...I wasn't gonna be picky and ask for black!) and I connected to the chassis near the shifter. I used my air grinder to clean the paint off there to ensure good contact. It's not terribly pretty, but it will be covered by the console anyway. The wire is terminated with the same copper lug that was used for the starter.

Here is the battery in the trunk. NOTE: This battery is not a sealed-gel type, so this configuration is not safe. It is only temporary. I plan on getting an Optima or DynaBatt battery that is a sealed-gel battery so that venting will not be required. The cables are a little on the long side because I wanted to be able to move the battery to a different location in case I change my mind. The flash made the cables look the same color, but they actually are not. The positive cable (towards the bottom of the picture) is a transparent red and the ground cable is a solid red.

That's it!