Hybrid 1st Gen CRX gauge cluster

At first glance, it would seem silly to attempt to put a CRX HF gauge cluster in a CRX Si. The HF gauge cluster has no "PGM-FI" indicator, shows a 5500 RPM redline, and has an upshift indicator that we don't need.

However, if you plan on swapping in a newer powerplant (an all too common syndrome with this car), the HF offers one significant advantage for very little work: The Vehicle Speed Sensor

The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is a required input on any Honda/Acura ECU that is from a 1988 or later year car. A common swap for the 1st gen CRX is the 86-87 Integra engine. It pretty much bolts right in. The 88-89 Integra engine also bolts right in, but the electronics are quite a bit different. The 88-89 Integra engine is slightly more powerful than the 86-87 Integra engine. It uses electronic ignition advance (vs vacuum advance) and also uses sensors (like the VSS and ELD) that are present on all later engines. In summary, if you set your CRX up to accept the 88-89 Integra engine, it will accept almost every other engine from 88 up with ease. This means room for future growth such as a B16A or even a B18A.

Zdyne can reprogram your ECU to eliminate the need for the VSS, but if you are on a budget or if you plan on running another standalone system that requires the VSS input (like Hondata), this mod is for you. Ok, enough ranting...

Here is my original 87 CRX Si cluster in the car:

Here is a comparison of the original cluster vs the donor HF cluster:

Here is the same picture with the differences pointed out in red:

Here is the HF cluster with the Amplifier moved to show where the LED for the PGM-FI led needs to be installed:

Here is the HF cluster taken apart to add the red lense for the PGM-FI indicator:

The pieces (tach, speedo, fuel gauge, water temp gauge) are NOT interchangeable, but the center pieces can be swapped with a little work:

All done and installed! If you don't like the 5500 RPM redline of the HF tach, you can swap in the face of the Si tach. I wasn't quite that brave: