Engine Tech: Finishing touches

This pretty much does it for the engine. With the exception of some very minor stuff (belts, thermostat, etc), this thing is ready to go.

I used a 1989 JDM ZC intake manifold on this engine. It is essentially identical to the 88-89 Integra manifold, but I got this one cheap ($20), so I used it. The only problem was that the ZC's manifold was missing 2 holes in the top. My drill fixed that.

This is a 1991 JDM ZC distributor. The wiring harness was pretty fried and crusty. Luckily, you can buy this part from Acura for $27. I can't imagine trying to repair an old one because it is a pretty intricate piece. I also got a new cap and rotor. While inside, I checked everything to make sure it was ok.

Since I chose to use 1990 CRX Si oil pan, I had to also use the same engine's exhaust manifold and downpipe for proper clearance. All D series engines use the same exhaust manifold bolt pattern. However, the DOHC engine's exhaust ports sit about 10mm higher. So, I had to port the manifold to make it work. It came out nice.

Here's the intake side of the block. The intake manifold gasket has a fresh coat of copper coat spray on it. Installed are the hoses for the oil cooler and the crankcase breather.

These are 1989 Integra injectors that Cruzin Performance (www.cruzinperformance.com) cleaned for me. I chose to use this 1995 Civic fuel rail because it will allow me to use the aftermarket fuel pressure regulator that I want to use (AEM). I had to drill 2 new holes to make it fit, but it worked out perfect.

Here are the fuel rail and fuel injectors installed with new o-rings and seals.

That wraps it up for now.

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